Chaos needs calm

Running down the shady,sleepy streets,

Walking with the blood-stained feets,

The roaring fire scattered to the four winds,

And the broken hearts continuiely bleeds.

Infinite oblivions where,the eyes can’t reach,

A horizon then comes,where the heart and mind meets,

The swirling chaos were building tornadoes,

Only the shadows of calm will save you in this tragic end.

Calm is what the world needs.

#Drapetomania -a run to infinity and beyond

Shattering away,into the dark within a big void,an invisible black hole continued capturing bulk of lives, marking a threatening arc,resembling a side of life and the other of death.A numbing sense of loss carving deeper sorrows inside.

Standing at the edge of this vulnerability,staring in the void,a world comes where we live with the stars and galaxies dreaming of our absolute infinities.

Looking for real,
in this world full of pretence,what I do know is,reality for now,exists in human minds where dream breathes.

Somewhere it was mentioned beautifully “life is a story told about you,not one that you tell”. Life is always unpredictable,it’s all about beginnings,endings,escapes and though living in between them with hope. (And,my yearning to escape somewhere,often ends with a big note like this one.)

I wander in my own dream and the idea to run away suddenly strikes my mind.A sudden urge to run away substituting it in a one word -#Drapetomania (thanks to google for this finding :b).
Although,nowadays my day-dreams are accompanied by dreams at midnights too.

The idea to climb to a mountain cliff,
to rome,to explore,to whelve
to see stars,to be myself,
to be like everyone,
And do anything and everything.

Doesn’t it sound an exciting and an overwhelming experience?One dreamt and believe of living each one of these dream one day certainly.

This belief of mine is magical and I do believe in magic for sure.Suddenly everything disappeared and fades out,galaxy started falling apart but illusions of mind make a heaven of hell,putting the fears of future aside and creating dimensions for clever diversions.

The chaos of the infinite colliding particles surrounds,penetrating a deep hollow space,and a lonesome wandering wind whispers again,to escape and run so far away.
Standing at the edge,wondering to disappear this time won’t help.

All appears dark and nothing remained except the edge of a big deadly arc and the two steady determined foots somewhat lost in thoughts of finding it’s one another big infinity.

Being lost and then again finding the whole,and this goes on with the curved loop,the arc of which is kept beside.A dark hole,letting nothing out, maybe has it’s another infinity which goes on and on within its own universe.

Maybe,this urge to run away,is a run you are already into for an infinitely infinite hope of dreaming an infinity of lifetime.

Steadily,a strong force came out of the black box and pulled the space filled with the matter contained at the edge of it’s arc,leaving a void of echoes of voices in the remaining heads and leading me to a parallel universe of millions of dreams,hopes and an another absolute infinity.

Dream,hope and then dream some more and then again hope to give the best of me to those dreams and hopes.

And,i hope the same for you too.
I hope you be what you want to be,
Some day or some other day.
But at the same time,

I hope you don’t fail
to be kind,to be wise
to live,to love,to find,to recognize
that for now,being calm is actually a #superpower.

I hope even if you lag behind-
Believe ~ to hope,
to hold on,
to keep it real,and
make it count someday for sure.

Remember,you are here in a run to infinity and beyond.

Be good,be calm and take care of your own peace.

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