A world.

there must be a world,
the shadows goes,
before the body,
patience could work,
as of finding the pearl,
from the rough,
you could go,always,
in between the chaos,
to learn peace,
for unnecessities,
one closes the minds,
only to protect the sanity,
you could adore,
the raw simplicity,
of the beauty of mere being,
you are above everything,
from the laws,of,
truth and lies,
you not only dream,
but aim paradise,
those you have,
will remain,
for a lifetime,
you could be as one,
united with love,
of different kinds,
struggles & efforts,
could write,
one’s own lines,

there must be a world,which you have dreamt of, whichever you have aimed to.

there must be a world.



the roads down the journey,
along the turns and the returning,
the stops made memories,
to keep,a forever’s story.

the stillness could harm,
is the fear she feels,
the willingness could win,
is the reality,she’d seen.

oh! you wanna melt,
or burns are thy desires ?
but for you,
she could be both,
cold as an ice or a burning fire.

neither you could hate,
nor you could adore,
freedom is her goal,
above the convulsed clouds,
or at the feets of a lonely shore.

the moon lives,by her
through her brightest eyes,
riding the darker streets,
to race against rest,
earned her mindful peace.

with the sidewalks,words came up,
without any purpose to fulfill,
carrying the impatient soul,
of never sleeping cities,
to forget life and live,
believing the timings,
has always something to keep.

goodbyes :)

truth searches,
the lies to heal,
goodbyes are meant,
always to hurt you,
so what for certainty ,
after this final adieu ?
memories linger,
a little longer
in minds virtues.

cannot wait,
cannot stop,
rise up,dream,
deep and shallow,
with a soul’s,hollow.
are again for mysteries,
goodbyes are painful,
when we can’t forget histories.

now,there’s nothing further
as she won’t only leave,
if she’s gone,
she’s gone forever,
like the happiest part,
coming to an end,
like the smileys wane,
as cherry blossoms leaves
die in springs.


her beliefs said,
attachments are unusual,
the deeply connected,
will always remain.
the whole of distraction,
was there to fade.
“all of them” were a story,
you knew about,
after you,
it’s a bit loud,
as, they knew,
so they,
tell the things around.

what she wants,
is a will,
above the wrong,
below the right,
she’s just beside,
with no judgements
without pride,
neither waiting,
nor hiding behind,
ready to go on,
set to correct your side,
with a comforting silence,
patient enough,
with the warmest smile,
presently guiding throughout,
the darkness of
thoughtful mind.

as the fairy lights illuminating,
the peaceful paths,
of the never ending
constellation riding throughout
us, the small creatures,
moving on,
exploring sea of peoples,
biding goodbyes,
to place you,
with yourself,
where your only freedom lies.



to put it all together,is a difficult part.
so,i decided to start it with a quote :-

“birds born in a cage,think flying is an illness.”
~Alejandro Jodorowsky

to grow mature,
you need the childhood to go.
to stand strong,
you need to fall on the floor.
to touch the sky,
you need to start with the globe.
to see above,
you need to know the below.
to speak up,
you need to break the silent show.
to achieve high,
you need to suffer from the low.

to observe the similarities,
you need to pass through the odds.
to reach peace,
you need to be prepared for the war.
to notice the rainbow,
you need to go by the storm.
to love life,
you need to enjoy more.
to sacrifice the precious,
you need to keep your dreams on.
to retain innocence,
you need not to judge one.

to be a professional,
you need to start as an amateur.
to catch the ball,
you need to concentrate on the throw.
to raise money,
you need your hardship to pay off.
to perceive the best,
you need an eye to ignore.
to be hard,
you need to be easy somehow,
to be not afraid of dying,at last,
you need to live the most of it,anyhow.

broken wings restricted her,
to touch the sky,

“however,desires keep those alive,
to took what’s broken,
and learn to fly high.”

Desire to believe

the childhood stitched us,
how come,we grow up so fast ?
It breaks because of telling the truth
and not by hiding the whole past.
we get annoyed by holding close
rather than staying apart.
what future awaits,
is an undetermined art.

to love without conditions,
is the bravest heart.
talk in absence of intentions,
that’s the kindest start.
give beyond the expectations,
spreads light in the dark.
the purest thing always,
will let your soul spark. his luminous mind makes peace,
leaving a significant mark.
beside the trust,to learn the facts,
you need to ask.

“Krishna” is the healer,
loose your attachments,
he will erase the scars. rewarding ultimate faith,
as you both are chemist isobars.
he,who,knows the purpose of pain,
is the light of the zillion stars,
believes,pleasure is the poison,
so work wherever you are.
the real can’t be destroyed,
only fake fear the ends,
and needs the war. listen to his divine voice,
where he says,death is indeed life.

now decades have passed,

to prove,their belief of burning desires,
without the hope to conquer, freed from worries and expectations, was always meant to last long,
connecting the two for eternity,
leading a legacy to forever adore.


Elevated or Flown ?

you go along,to the roads never known,
far away in the mountains alone.
you seek the peace of your own,
keeping your heart in the safest zone.
but how could i believe the pictures shown?
or the voice on the phone is your real happy tone?

i have riden all the uprising waves,
through the crest and trough,
you should see the haze,
when, the oceans disasters come,
neither i could, hold my gaze,
nor i leave,or rush or run.

you climbed the mountains and the stones,
clicked with smile,like a grown,
broken wide open,drenched to the bone,
with hesistating movements and ardent notes,
you elevated to the top with a constant hope,
much concerned about what the future holds.

perhaps,i enjoyed the present instants,
talked to dozens of dolphins and ducks,
sailed under the wings of love they gave,
and backed up to try my predestined luck,
to be closer to ground,only could save,
this belief in world actually,always works.

Damaged,wounded, stiff and sore,
there you were lying on the peak’s floor.
i proceeded and reached the shore,
and you were nowhere to be found,anymore.
i felt being pulled,submerged,finally drown,
in the huge turmoil of emotions flown.

But in the end,we cherish the life we lived,

you got lost as a summer-dried lifeless fountains,
heading to the worried elevated mountains.
while,i saw the sea tides opposing lifelike motion,
and flown in my carefree sparkling oceans.


the whole of it,could never be penned,
i wish i could have known your part too,my friend.

would you?

where in world,would you hide your fear?
in your lies or in your tears?
would you endure the things that were hard to bear,
even if it takes a lot to get there?

where in world,would you show your care?
in your words or in your prayers?
would you hold the things that you like to stare,
even if the destinies are going no where?

where in world,would you share your delight?
in your pride or in your smiles?
would you recall the things that you forgot to dial,
even if it asks for a million trials?

where in world,would you put your trust?
in your peoples or in your surplus?
would you desire the things that you deserve to love,
even if you’ve been hurt long enough?

where in world,would you keep your interest?
in your mind or in your heart?
would you settle the things that you need to restart,
even if it breaks and falls apart?

where in world,would you end your pain?
in your way or in your game?
would you aim the things that brings your goal,
even if it demands your peace and soul?

where in world,would you convey your disgust?
in your stay or in your run?
would you do the deeds that might be done,
even if it makes the end,where you begun?


Perseverance :)

the hell of hardwork,
lead you to learn the world.
you might get along,
or you only lose it all.
the roadmap of dreams,
lead the self regime.
you might wonder,how long,
they battled strong.

the experimental truths of blinds,
lead the evolution of mankind.
you might not accept,
the perfect idea is only to move ahead.
the rumors of wasting life,
lead the arousal of envy and strife.
you might fought more than you should,
for the only will,that you withstood.

the easiest thing is to defeat,
hardest of all is one’s trust to win.
you might fool your beliefs,
oh! you were here only,to compete.
you might now move into dimensions,
having the best defining difinitions.
you might knew the concepts having lot of similarities,
remember,your perceptions are your reality.

the strength gained in dark,
lead the indurated hearts.
you might not see for a while,
the time leaper would only survive .
the streets of subconscious mind,
lead you to look far behind.
you might hate your life’s bizarre,
you persevere to retain the scariest scars.

afterall,the wisest among all,
savours the victory,appreciates the downfall,
silence the noises with sincere ignorance,
hears the truth without interference,
acts potentially as a supernatural appearance,
but the only essential in their action is- perseverance.



you knew the ends,
i loved the ways,
we grew apart,emptying the cage.
you knew the directions,
i liked the maze.
we walked around,globe was the place.
you knew it clearly,
i only see the haze,
we wondered once,no conclusions yet.

you knew the scars,
i perfectly flawed them,
we were occupied,ordering our arrays.
you knew the turns,
i wasn’t good at games,
we came across,eyes full of rage.
you knew the fatal risks,
i called for life insurance,
we remembered us,we used to be friends.

you knew my heart,
i lied my head,
we hided things,truths,never been said.
you knew to burn,
i was an ember flame,
we achieved milestones,as we waned.
you knew the hurt,
i knew the real pain,
we conquered the world,and then we met.

you knew daring rides,
i felt the sun sets,
we have created,our own escapes.
you knew adventures,
i worked in cyber cells,
we made memories,to tell the tales.
you knew mine,
i heard yours as well,
we experienced alone,the flashbacks of present.
neither you wanted,to undo the past,
nor i desired,to revive the future tense.

we now,own this heavenly detachments,
that recursively distances the spaces
over and over again,
until we forget how far the actual “s_p_a_c_e” is and start afresh.


on a good note :)

The time wheel
driving ruthlessly
so far away,
riding through the fireworks
as a wavy rainbow after rain
skiding the deadliest deepest curves
as holding yourself back after a heart break,
carving the secret hidden paths
as the cruel destiny playing it’s plays, whelming the world under it’s wrath, asking who he was, the superior of all, that’s all it says.

Hold on.

hauling towards it, there’s someone
as a zillion figures,making ways
watching the crowd with distance, the time laughs,
as a supernatural thing among them,
being isolated in the crowd cage, you struggled to bring the change

seeking from the start, to a graceful end,now, as you know the pain, you see the peace,
rounding the grounds,
catching the flow, all of a sudden
the wheel above,and you below,
shutting the eyes,on a good note,

As always, ruling the world was the time alone, and in between, “confront yourself,and your life, let’s not disappear, ally to good and shine with time”.