can i spend the night,

by you my side,

could you feel me,

would you believe it,

how hard I fall,

to stand up and rise,

so don’t feel lonely,

you’re not the only,

i hope you’re not alone,

it’s been a long since you called.

i shifted to a world of thee,

everything outside the window is new to me,

there you was in landscapes of summer breeze,

in the snow that falls slower than you think,

and you are like the sand dunes,

following the desert drifts,

shifted by the howling winds,

shaped by a sun i’ve never seen.

if you want, lovely would I be,

as the moon, slowly orbiting thee,

close enough to change your tide,

far away for an eclipse to hide,

here i could stay,

catching the light you give off each day,

cratered i became from all the rocks i caught,

i blocked them all though it was you they sought.

lovely as the moon now, but more I could be,

tell me we are magic,

and i’ll crash into your sea,

it’s the dream i dreamed of,

and i love it when you,

often call my name on the call,

on the road ahead,

shall we walk together ?

till the dusk fades away,

and you stepped back.

it’s all ok if you don’t wanna

fill in the voids,

cause am a fleeting galaxy,

you can live in for a shorter while,

not promising to believe of,

real but more good to skip on.

it’s how my brain process in midnights,

about you and some fake scenarios of lies,

to miss you more,

every-day every-time,

to make me strong,

our love been waiting too long,

i’ll be holding back the darkest nights,

another day has gone,

inking my feels, making you smile,

deep in our hearts,

we made a chapel filled with you and i,

to be there for us all along,

i hope you’re not alone,

as it’s been a long since you called.


if i row your boat,

while it’s set to dawn,

will you ask,

for who you are ?

or will you sit next to me,

trying to talk life,

and mr. bean,

watching skies,

holding hands,

in a gloomier day,

two of our hearts,

in the bustling throngs,

travels the summer breeze,

and you slept

and i slept so happily.

if motion made you sick,

while you is in my company,

will you ask,

for a temporary leave ?

or will you laugh out loud,

trying to talk an ocean,

revolting emotions,

worrying feels,

laying straight,

in a sinking boat,

two of us afloat,

in the picture so fine,

getting older and old,

to hold up on this time,

just not to let me go.

if i dreamt of stars,

while you dreamed of me,

will you ask,

for what can i do for thee ?

or will you make me smile,

trying to talk galaxies,

and black holes,

praying forever’s,

in a lonely night,

two of our glittering eyes,

in the moonlight,

looking for the roads,

and you remembered all,

and i remembered you for sure.

if every moment i gave you me,

while i set you free,

will you still ask,

for me to accompany ?

or will you fly away,

trying to talk very streets,

and flappy wings,

carrying wounds,

in a graveyard of memories,

two of us, the busybodies,

in middle of the sea,

running through the wind,

to chase after you,

i have ended up on nothing.

if happiness is just the drifting clouds,

while love isn’t omnipotent though,

will we ask,

for a willingness to stay ?

or will we say goodbye,

as a lot of things,

you and i too,

can’t wait anymore,

to live in truth or live in happiness,

two of us chose,

to sail towards the shore,

not knowing,

the love has left quietly,

long before, to find us,

only at the crossroads.

Mind over matters

Matter is, it comprises of life long stories,

where dreams, are a never ending journeys,

let’s not worry for what’s next coming,

only you will be there, for you till the end,

the dares, the beginning of glories,

to teach, she often write the obscurities,

holding onto herself, coming to the frontiers,

she knows no one is there to dry her tears,

believing the wait until the undefined,

to be clear at right place, at right time,

you only deserve that, a love perfectly unsad,

look, she is full of grace, in her cold embrace,

rather take her hand and walk by her side,

soul like her speak only through eyes,

don’t let the good, the best to fade,

seeing her alone, your heart breaks,

take her to gaze the stars tonight,

toss up a pizza with bottle of wines,

all smiles in the breezy way,

how long they gonna stay ?

love bites, daydreams, moonlights,

every single wish of you was mine,

stucked was them and then parted away,

the love has left a printed trace,

with warmth, mysteries and mights,

he falled at each and every sight,

her and your skies are blue and grey,

indeed, no home at the end of the day,

oh dear! here comes the longing vibes of july,

to learn, not to worry for matters over mind.



what you were ? who you saw ?

how you did ? why you start ?

but when it ends,

it’s all gone with this

only matter of fact

and a clause is drawn

to learn handling sentiments,

to first judge a person’s heart,

a final interpretation

is then assembled to conclude

that was the perfect timing

for us to withdraw.

the story we were living in,

was made of each other,

repeatedly collapsing and rebuilding,

consistently enchanting and beautiful,

occasionally repellent and abhorrent,

frequently a fairy tale as a full moon,

and constantly an ordinary as a mere star,

the vortex we were caught in

was definitely not the place

to stand still holding hands

and pray for the calm.

i then, jumped in to this world

which is so so big enough,

heading towards the sunlight to heal,

a universe full of hopes and dreams,

and promises to self,

a whole paradise of infinity to dwell on,

impossible to be captured in the eyesight

a miracle of heaven overnight,

i breathe the freedom it holds,

and wander the space it owns.

i still wonder what the future looks like,

going carefree and restless at this time,

but as long as the happiness stays,

i forget the boundary of worries,

leaving the restlessness beside,

and simply let it slide,

just as the light snow,

melting in the strong sunshine.

for what comes next,

is a whole another story,

covering a different side,

of eventually a better me,

as i am heading to a bright light,

let’s see if it glows me up

or burn me on inside.

whatever it comes my soul is here,

am ready to live the burning desires,

even if it’s another vortex coming in,

keep running out of the whirling winds,

as life is meant to be lived,

with the open doors,

and now i only believe,

rather live fast and die young,

than to be loved & love long and left alone.

Truth to you 🌈

you wanna feel the calm

come to see the nature of dawn

let the curtains fall on this eve’s light,

until you make the home where lie you and I

the day’s sun is watching me

but the night’s moon have the secrets of mine.

oh! the day-time i met the strangers from the work-life,

glorious, magnificent, detailed and polite,

they did shared each other’s stories & likes,

and i was a good listener of each of the vibes.

all the mates shared the same dream,

to go above and beyond towards great strides,

some inspired, some magnified, some inflated

as i continued to maintain a dignified silence strike.

the week was over, as soon as it started leading to a life measured under my wandering feet,

the deep breaths on the brand new seas,

the short sleeps on long flights,

a welcoming face throughout the ride.

perfume me the smell of a far away,

a place where my body & head could lay

as am longing only for simplicity,

painting up the haunted hallowed space.

the idea is to live and to live beautifully

like waves crashing under our tired feet,

having flowers amidst the misty breeze,

where the sunshines after the rain,

and the camera shutters to immortalise the rainbow beside,

you know the grace the nature holds,

with the factor of minimalism,

of it’s view as an end to someone

and the start to another,

a piece of lullaby denoting peace,

and at times an extreme noise,

that’s how this whole is defined,

the stillness nature and i hold

i wrap the trees under my arms

dance with the silhouette

in the corner village of a distant city

unbothered and relieved,

revealing a truth to you,

of recently experiencing this sweet dream,

and everything in real in between,

the proud and bold period of mine,

typed with certainty that can’t be wordly described .

Knight !

What it feels to fall and fly,
when you reach high in sky,
the rainbows, are your shoulders right,
getting older with the passing time,
still standing in front, shining bright,
and it’s already darker as the sun hides,
suddenly we were sailing in high tides,
is it bursting clouds or your raining eyes,
tell me baby, you gonna be alright?
i hope you know, am always by your side,
keep me closer in the coldest nights,
and run to me, run to me as am your knight,
who’ll take you to a lonely ride,
packing your stuff and holding you tight,
mountains will be smiling, we’ll be driving,
hugging & clinging, starting to climb,
so scream your heart out, open your mind,
start dreaming to breathe such a life.

Traces and graces, us leaving on places,
traveling new roads, discovering new shores,
building up our own founding stone,
getting aged to perfection as the oldest coasts,
with chaos and chaotically like before,
thinking of destiny, worried of smog,
you cried, for what’s in between us called,
remember to reach this much how long we crawled ?
tell me baby, you gonna be alright ?
i hope you know, am always by your side,
keep me closer in the coldest nights,
and run to me, run to me as am your knight,
who’ll be the gravity, you’ll keep falling for,
i will be there, when you knock on my door,
just to remind you how far we could go,
embracing each other for a forever and more,
so scream your heart out, open your mind,
walk with me, escaping the dreamy vibes,
realizing the reality, as it’s worth to feel the above defined.