would you?

where in world,would you hide your fear?
in your lies or in your tears?
would you endure the things that were hard to bear,
even if it takes a lot to get there?

where in world,would you show your care?
in your words or in your prayers?
would you hold the things that you like to stare,
even if the destinies are going no where?

where in world,would you share your delight?
in your pride or in your smiles?
would you recall the things that you forgot to dial,
even if it asks for a million trials?

where in world,would you put your trust?
in your peoples or in your surplus?
would you desire the things that you deserve to love,
even if you’ve been hurt long enough?

where in world,would you keep your interest?
in your mind or in your heart?
would you settle the things that you need to restart,
even if it breaks and falls apart?

where in world,would you end your pain?
in your way or in your game?
would you aim the things that brings your goal,
even if it demands your peace and soul?

where in world,would you convey your disgust?
in your stay or in your run?
would you do the deeds that might be done,
even if it makes the end,where you begun?


Perseverance :)

the hell of hardwork,
lead you to learn the world.
you might get along,
or you only lose it all.
the roadmap of dreams,
lead the self regime.
you might wonder,how long,
they battled strong.

the experimental truths of blinds,
lead the evolution of mankind.
you might not accept,
the perfect idea is only to move ahead.
the rumors of wasting life,
lead the arousal of envy and strife.
you might fought more than you should,
for the only will,that you withstood.

the easiest thing is to defeat,
hardest of all is one’s trust to win.
you might fool your beliefs,
oh! you were here only,to compete.
you might now move into dimensions,
having the best defining difinitions.
you might knew the concepts having lot of similarities,
remember,your perceptions are your reality.

the strength gained in dark,
lead the indurated hearts.
you might not see for a while,
the time leaper would only survive .
the streets of subconscious mind,
lead you to look far behind.
you might hate your life’s bizarre,
you persevere to retain the scariest scars.

afterall,the wisest among all,
savours the victory,appreciates the downfall,
silence the noises with sincere ignorance,
hears the truth without interference,
acts potentially as a supernatural appearance,
but the only essential in their action is- perseverance.



you knew the ends,
i loved the ways,
we grew apart,emptying the cage.
you knew the directions,
i liked the maze.
we walked around,globe was the place.
you knew it clearly,
i only see the haze,
we wondered once,no conclusions yet.

you knew the scars,
i perfectly flawed them,
we were occupied,ordering our arrays.
you knew the turns,
i wasn’t good at games,
we came across,eyes full of rage.
you knew the fatal risks,
i called for life insurance,
we remembered us,we used to be friends.

you knew my heart,
i lied my head,
we hided things,truths,never been said.
you knew to burn,
i was an ember flame,
we achieved milestones,as we waned.
you knew the hurt,
i knew the real pain,
we conquered the world,and then we met.

you knew daring rides,
i felt the sun sets,
we have created,our own escapes.
you knew adventures,
i worked in cyber cells,
we made memories,to tell the tales.
you knew mine,
i heard yours as well,
we experienced alone,the flashbacks of present.
neither you wanted,to undo the past,
nor i desired,to revive the future tense.

we now,own this heavenly detachments,
that recursively distances the spaces
over and over again,
until we forget how far the actual “s_p_a_c_e” is and start afresh.


on a good note :)

The time wheel
driving ruthlessly
so far away,
riding through the fireworks
as a wavy rainbow after rain
skiding the deadliest deepest curves
as holding yourself back after a heart break,
carving the secret hidden paths
as the cruel destiny playing it’s plays, whelming the world under it’s wrath, asking who he was, the superior of all, that’s all it says.

Hold on.

hauling towards it, there’s someone
as a zillion figures,making ways
watching the crowd with distance, the time laughs,
as a supernatural thing among them,
being isolated in the crowd cage, you struggled to bring the change

seeking from the start, to a graceful end,now, as you know the pain, you see the peace,
rounding the grounds,
catching the flow, all of a sudden
the wheel above,and you below,
shutting the eyes,on a good note,

As always, ruling the world was the time alone, and in between, “confront yourself,and your life, let’s not disappear, ally to good and shine with time”.


Labyrinth :’)

Though,coming up and down
Going slow,round and round
You my love,
freaking all around.
To touch and feel,
all those hearts bleed
with the brows frown,
you roam across the wound,
where, the eyes,asks
wearing the lens, brown,
To hold off the things
or to still hold on?

the feasible mind,says,
as they sow,so they got,
the life has an inevitable end,
and endless wars.
But my love, they battled,
they all battled,
the hell to heaven here itself,
Only,the deads walk away
the “labyrinth of life”,
Alive’s chose to stay in
to win the immortal’s crown.

A_part :)

Losing you seemed always unbearable.you are the one i loved, the one i would always love.To be honest with you, I don’t have the words to make you feel better, but as always I do have ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart,a heart that want to see you smile forever.

There was only these moments now, captured in photographs(of memories), and it was ours for a while .It’s love, it’s the attraction and it doesn’t matter where it headed us.Now, It’s nowhere to hide anything from you.

As we grew up,I found my escape and you founded yours,but no one realized there’s nothing to escape to and nothing to escape from.We submerged a part of us behind the curtains of smile.

And a part of me started longing for the other which resides in you for a lifetime with the lost love hoping to conquer some-peace and guiding us way back to home.

With Love,

A part of you.

But you my friend don’t comprise of composites,as for you, forever a prime defines…

you begin to swim
when you strive to survive,
diving on the lone ocean
thinking of your shore
along the curve to be alive.
you visioned those
smiling waves ahead
that multiplies splitting them
or you,each particular time.

but you my friend don’t
comprise of composites,
as for you,forever a prime defines.
you continued with your constant self,
only with brains rooted
to a matrix of peace,
where your mind
overlaps your body,
who outdoes the dark,
of one’s imaginary real sight
and beyond those complexes,
you only meditate to see the light.

and as you lead the life
you earned so far,
an inevitable sail
will refuse your belief,
but then,you yourself
traversed the ocean
with young eyes ,
finding it’s way back
to reach out the place
of prime comforts,
with an older identity,
as a part of whole unites,
while the grace of journey
thus,passes by.

you may couldn’t
find the road of
your only shore
but after much time
you might not care,
or would possibly
overlook the needs
of initiality,
escaping to conclude,
it’s totally fine.
As you my friend,
only you dared to swam,
across composite to the primes,
readily heading the oceans
only to know the encounters,
to get more of what you want
out of this curvilinear lifetime.

Chaos needs calm

Running down the shady,sleepy streets,

Walking with the blood-stained feets,

The roaring fire scattered to the four winds,

And the broken hearts continuiely bleeds.

Infinite oblivions where,the eyes can’t reach,

A horizon then comes,where the heart and mind meets,

The swirling chaos were building tornadoes,

Only the shadows of calm will save you in this tragic end.

Calm is what the world needs.

#Drapetomania -a run to infinity and beyond

Shattering away,into the dark within a big void,an invisible black hole continued capturing bulk of lives, marking a threatening arc,resembling a side of life and the other of death.A numbing sense of loss carving deeper sorrows inside.

Standing at the edge of this vulnerability,staring in the void,a world comes where we live with the stars and galaxies dreaming of our absolute infinities.

Looking for real,
in this world full of pretence,what I do know is,reality for now,exists in human minds where dream breathes.

Somewhere it was mentioned beautifully “life is a story told about you,not one that you tell”. Life is always unpredictable,it’s all about beginnings,endings,escapes and though living in between them with hope. (And,my yearning to escape somewhere,often ends with a big note like this one.)

I wander in my own dream and the idea to run away suddenly strikes my mind.A sudden urge to run away substituting it in a one word -#Drapetomania (thanks to google for this finding :b).
Although,nowadays my day-dreams are accompanied by dreams at midnights too.

The idea to climb to a mountain cliff,
to rome,to explore,to whelve
to see stars,to be myself,
to be like everyone,
And do anything and everything.

Doesn’t it sound an exciting and an overwhelming experience?One dreamt and believe of living each one of these dream one day certainly.

This belief of mine is magical and I do believe in magic for sure.Suddenly everything disappeared and fades out,galaxy started falling apart but illusions of mind make a heaven of hell,putting the fears of future aside and creating dimensions for clever diversions.

The chaos of the infinite colliding particles surrounds,penetrating a deep hollow space,and a lonesome wandering wind whispers again,to escape and run so far away.
Standing at the edge,wondering to disappear this time won’t help.

All appears dark and nothing remained except the edge of a big deadly arc and the two steady determined foots somewhat lost in thoughts of finding it’s one another big infinity.

Being lost and then again finding the whole,and this goes on with the curved loop,the arc of which is kept beside.A dark hole,letting nothing out, maybe has it’s another infinity which goes on and on within its own universe.

Maybe,this urge to run away,is a run you are already into for an infinitely infinite hope of dreaming an infinity of lifetime.

Steadily,a strong force came out of the black box and pulled the space filled with the matter contained at the edge of it’s arc,leaving a void of echoes of voices in the remaining heads and leading me to a parallel universe of millions of dreams,hopes and an another absolute infinity.

Dream,hope and then dream some more and then again hope to give the best of me to those dreams and hopes.

And,i hope the same for you too.
I hope you be what you want to be,
Some day or some other day.
But at the same time,

I hope you don’t fail
to be kind,to be wise
to live,to love,to find,to recognize
that for now,being calm is actually a #superpower.

I hope even if you lag behind-
Believe ~ to hope,
to hold on,
to keep it real,and
make it count someday for sure.

Remember,you are here in a run to infinity and beyond.

Be good,be calm and take care of your own peace.